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Diversify and innovate with DELTAwater

Posted on January 31, 2022
  • Drop in and see Alex at AgSmart Expo in Tamworth NSW on March 9 and 10 to find out more about DELTAwater’s customised water treatment systems for the irrigation, livestock, dairy farming, winery and fruit and vegetable industries.

Water-based industries around the world are facing the challenge of poor quality water head on with the support of innovative Australian manufacturing company DELTAwater solutions.

Queensland lime orchardist Phil Oliver says over the past 15 years their DELTAwater conditioner has saved their 600-tree Tahitian lime orchard business and is now helping them follow a new passion.

Despite high sodium levels in their bore water, Phil and wife Lisa have diversified into Panama passionfruit thanks to their DELTAwater conditioner.

“We have vines growing where they shouldn’t be; the vines haven’t stopped flowering and the passionfruit are full of seeds. Even though our bore water is salty, something passionfruit objects to, they’re as ‘happy as Larry’ thanks to our DELTAwater conditioner.”

Phil and Lisa Oliver are diversifying their commercial lime business into passionfruit with help from their DELTAwater solutions conditioner that they installed to treat salty bore water.

DELTAwater solutions is an award-winning water treatment company based in Newcastle. Alex and Dianne Panov founded their business in 1993 to develop water treatment systems for salinity, scale build-up caused by calcium and magnesium, water hardness, iron and corrosion.

South-west Queensland trading cattle property owner Andrew Woodrow says his investment in a DELTAwater solutions treatment conditioner paid for itself within 10 months by solving cattle health problems caused by high chloride and sodium levels in his bore water.

He’s so happy with his results, he has bought four more units.

Andrew and wife Annette run mainly Santa Gertrudis cross and Droughtmaster on ‘Wagoo’ near St George in Queensland. They turn off their cattle after about 12 months, or in a good season, in 10. Andrew says the DELTA water treatment system allows them to consistently turn-off their cattle sooner.

“We are at least two months in front since putting the DELTA on; from a financial point of view, it has worked well in our favour.”

Andrew and Annette Woodrow’s cattle trading business is benefitting from a DELTAwater solutions water treatment system across their whole property.