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DELTAwater solutions are experts in solving water-associated problems with our custom-made water treatment technology Australia.

In our manufacturing plant in the thriving city of Newcastle we are at the coalface of a range of industries from mining to government to agriculture.

DELTAwater director Dianne Panov with Bowen fruit and vegetable grower Glen Jurgens and one of his DELTA water treatment units.

We develop and manufacture our innovative 100% Australian products to tackle water quality problems all over the country as well as overseas. Our products provide water treatment solutions for bore water, river water, town water, saline water and water rich in minerals such as iron.

DELTA water treatment products are designed to treat scale, corrosion, salinity, iron and algae.

The DELTA range of water treatment products includes:

All DELTA products are easy to install, effective and backed with a genuine guarantee.

Environmentally-friendly: no carbon footprint

DELTAwater solutions is Australia’s leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly water treatment systems. Using powerful magnets, the DELTA technology addresses problems including scale, salinity, iron and corrosion in domestic, commercial, agricultural, industrial, irrigation and garden systems. The technology is pollution and maintenance free and incurs no chemical, maintenance or energy costs.

What DELTA product is right for you?

Want to know what is the right DELTA product for you? Contact our Water Advisory Service to learn more about which DELTA product will best suit your needs. We offer solutions for a broad range of applications including miningagricultureindustrialgovernment, commercial and domestic.

Success stories

If you want to read about how DELTA water treatment technology is solving other people’s water problems, please visit our Case Studies page.

DELTAwater solutions director Alex Panov with NSW farmer Stephen Way, who says he wouldn’t be still farming if it wasn’t for his DELTA bore water treatment system.

Small pipes

There are several models of the DELTA Small Pipes, Clamp-One Water Treatment unit for pipes ranging in size from 12 millimetres to 50 millimetres. Each model is designed to achieve a desired water treatment solution for your specific problem caused by salinity, high mineral content, hardness or iron. The DELTA Small Pipes units are Clamp-On – we manufacture them…

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Large pipes

The DELTA Large Pipes, Flanged Water Treatment range is made on high quality polythene pipe with slip-ring galvanized mild steel or stainless steel flanges at either ends. This range is for pipes 75 millimetres and larger. This range can be manufactured using copper or stainless steel pipe – depending on your needs. The DELTA Large Pipes Flanged Water…

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Heavy Duty

Due to an increasing demand for a product to treat water with extremely high mineral content, we have tested and developed the technology in our Heavy Duty Range to suit a variety of applications. We have our custom made heavy duty DELTA water treatment conditioners successfully treating EC levels of 8500 uS/cm for irrigation of…

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Iron Filtration

The DELTAwater solutions custom-made Iron Filtration Water Treatment System is a filtration and aeration system that removes the iron from water which has been pumped into a holding tank. The DELTA Iron Filtration Water Treatment System removes the iron, manganese and tannins from the bore water in the holding tank, and when you use this…

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Submersible Pumps

Iron solutions for bore water The DELTA Submersible Pumps water treatment system saves you time and money if you are relying on bore water for your livelihood. Whether you are on a farm, at a mine site, at a vineyard or just trying to get water to your house – bore water rich in iron…

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Deep Well Jet Pumps

Bore water treatment technology Bore water rich in minerals such as iron makes life difficult and makes it costly to run pumps and pipes around your farm, mine site, vineyard or just around the home due to constant blockages and wear and tear on parts. The DELTA Deep Well Jet Pump water treatment system saves…

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Evaporative Air Conditioners

The DELTA Evaporative Air Conditioners Water Treatment range is custom-designed to treat the problems caused by high levels of hardness, salinity, minerals and iron in water in evaporative air-conditioning units. After you install a DELTA Evaporative Air Conditioners Water Treatment unit, your air-conditioning pads will be cleaner and the benefits include improved efficiency, less maintenance…

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Swimming Pool Water Treatment

The DELTAwater solutions swimming pool water treatment conditioning system solves the problems of calcium and scale build-up in pipes, recirculation and irrigation systems as well as in swimming pool pumps, filters and on pool surfaces. Installing a DELTA Swimming Pool water treatment system will also make your pool water ‘softer’ which improves the performance of…

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Domestic Delta Diamond

Is harsh town water causing these problems in your home and garden? White streaks on your shower screen Poor performance of your washing powder Scale build-up on your electrical appliances Streaks on your glasses and cutlery when they come out of the dishwasher Stunted plant and lawn growth You may have tried harsh chemicals, elbow…

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Better water for RV travellers When you’re travelling your RV encounters all sorts of water supplies – salty water, water with high mineral content, bore water, harsh town water. And poor quality water going through your RV causes wear and tear on your parts and your water using appliances. DELTA has the solution! Our 100%…

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