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Large Pipes, Flanged Water Treatment System – Water Treatment Technology Australia


The DELTA Large Pipes, Flanged Water Treatment range is made on high quality polythene pipe with slip-ring galvanized mild steel or stainless steel flanges at either ends. This range is for pipes 75 millimetres and larger.

This range can be manufactured using copper or stainless steel pipe – depending on your needs.

The DELTA Large Pipes Flanged Water Treatment range is achieving excellent results for large-scale agriculture, industrial and mining sectors by treating mineral build up and problems associated with high levels of hardness, salinity, minerals and iron in water.

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Before you invest in a DELTA water treatment technology solution, we need to know more about your water problems. Phone DELTA on 1800 283 600 to order a Water Advisory Service Kit and we will test your water so we can recommend the best DELTa product for you.