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Submersible Pumps Water Treatment

Iron solutions for bore water

The DELTA Submersible Pumps water treatment system saves you time and money if you are relying on bore water for your livelihood. Whether you are on a farm, at a mine site, at a vineyard or just trying to get water to your house – bore water rich in iron will be causing you major headaches. Don’t despair. DELTA has the solution!

If you’re sick of down-time due to having to clean blockages in your pump system, or sick of having to buy costly replacement parts for your pump – a DELTA Subermisible Pump water treatment system is the answer.

Want to know if this is the right product for you?

It is important that the DELTA solution is the right solution for your water problems. Contact DELTA direct on 1800 283 600 to order a Water Advisory Service Kit and we will make genuine recommendations to solve your water problems as soon as we have the results.