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Rural & Agricultural Water Treatment


Agriculture-Rural Sector

The DELTA agriculture-rural water treatment technology has a range of exciting applications in the agricultural sector especially for vineyards, fruit and vegetable growers, large-scale irrigation operations, cropping enterprises and stock watering systems.

The DELTA technology delivers to it agricultural-rural customers:

  • More efficient use of available water resources including mineral-hard or saline bores
  • Water savings and efficiency by improving penetration into soil
  • An increase in potential crop rotation through greater water security
  • An increase in versatility of crop species that can be grown

The DELTA technology excels in rural water treatment in Australia and overseas and as a result, boosts crop performance and yield plus promotes plant growth in unproductive areas.


In agricultural irrigation, DELTA treatment prevents salinity damage to plants and soil, which then improves yield and quality and reduces evaporation loss. In hydroponic systems it provides overall improvements in harvesting and quality of produce as well as reducing waste.

Stock watering systems

Water treatment technology is also proving a winner for Australian farmers desperate to provide water for thirsty stock. Primary producers need highly-efficient pump and piping systems in place to make the most of available water supplies and DELTA has an immediate impact on efficiency.

Grape growing

“Over time I noticed the automatic flush filters weren’t flushing as often and that tells me the system’s running much cleaner. I pulled the filters down a few months later and they were cleaner. It has cut maintenance of the filters at the pump station by at least 30 per cent.” – Grape grower Louis Curtis, SA


To discover more about how DELTA rural water treatment technology and products are helping customers in the agriculture-rural sector, download our In the Paddock brochure, our In the Stock Trough brochure, our In the Vineyard brochure, our In the Paddock, Home and Garden brochure or our In the Fruit and Vegetable Patch brochure. We also have brochures for you to download onSalinity and Calcium and Scale Build Up. For large-scale agriculture industry download ourIndustrial World brochure.


The DELTA range of rural water treatment products includes solutions for pipes of varying sizes and water problems such as salinity and calcium scale build up via custom-designed magnetic products. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service people for more information.