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Better water naturally

Water treatment for caravans and RV

Better water for RV travellers


When you’re travelling your RV encounters all sorts of water supplies – salty water, water with high mineral content, bore water, harsh town water.

And poor quality water going through your RV causes wear and tear on your parts and your water using appliances.

DELTA has the solution!

DELTA RV, caravan and camping, water treatment, camping

The DELTA RV is light and compact and fits easily into your caravan and motorhome

Our 100% Australian DELTA RV will:

  • Keep your water filter cleaner
  • Eliminate calcium stains in your showers, sinks and toilets
  • Prevent calcium build-up in shower heads and taps
  • Protect hot water systems and anodes
  • Protect your water using appliances such as kettles, dishwashers and washing machines from build-up, corrosion and blockages
  • Improve the palatability of your water
  • Improve the performance of soaps, detergents and cleaning chemicals

Compact, light, easy to store in your RV storage compartment, simple to install

No power, cleaning or replacement parts required


Hot water system anode on the left in the image below is from a caravan using the DELTA RV for 12 months, compared to the anode on the right from a caravan with no DELTA treatment.

DELTA RV, caravans and camping, RV, water treatment for RV

Case study

  • Read about Newcastle Lance and Kathy Bertwhistle, members of the Jayco Owner’s Club Hunter Region, who have installed a DELTA RV on their caravan HERE
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