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Frequently Asked Questions

What water problems does the DELTA technology fix?

The DELTA water treatment technology can be applied to a whole range of different water-related problems such as corrosion, blockages, build-up of calcium and scale that are the result of using water with high mineral content such as iron, hard water and water with high salinity levels.

What areas does DELTAwater Solutions service?

We service customers right across Australia in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. We also export our products and advice around the world to our valued international clients. We have a national network of sales representatives and distributors and we love going out on site, anywhere in the country, to consult with customers and then design our customised water treatment technology systems to meet their precise needs. Contact Us to find out how we are delivering water treatment technology Australia in your area.

Are DELTA’s water treatment products guaranteed?

Yes, every DELTA product from our Large Pipes, Small Pipes, Heavy Duty, Submersible Pumps, Deep Well Jet Pumps, Evaporative Air Conditioners, Swimming Pool, Domestic DELTA Diamond and Iron Filtration range carries a genuine guarantee. We understand that our customers, whether they are in commercial, agricultural, government, mining or domestic settings, are seeking long-term water treatment technology solutions. Because our water treatment products are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia, we have complete control over the quality and therefore confidently back each product with a meaningful guarantee.

Is DELTA an Australian product?

Yes, DELTAwater solutions is a 100% Australian owned company that develops and manufactures its water treatment technology right here in Australia.

Are DELTA products environmentally friendly?

Yes, all DELTA products are chemical free, maintenance free, require no power and leave no carbon footprint.

Can you make our swimming pool maintenance simpler?

Yes, we can. If you are tired of your pool appearing green, of unblocking and cleaning your salt chlorinator and of trying to clean scale build-up off swimming pool surfaces, we have a solution! A DELTA swimming pool unit will address the hardness of water in your pool and give it a “silky” feel. It will prevent scale build-up, keep your pool balanced with fewer chemicals needed, as well as prevent algal growth. Contact Us to find how easy swimming pool maintenance can be with a DELTA swimming pool water treatment system.

I’m not sure exactly what problem I have and what is the best way to treat it? Can you help?

Yes, we can. Our Water Advisory Service provides water testing, analysis and advice to help identify exactly what water problem you have and how it can best be fixed. We can then make recommendations on the optimum water treatment technology for your circumstances, so that you can achieve the maximum outcomes in water quality improvement. Choosing the correct DELTA product for your needs is critical and it is important to us to provide the right solution for the right problem.