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Heavy Duty SL Range for Water with Extremely High Mineral Content


Due to an increasing demand for a product to treat water with extremely high mineral content, we have tested and developed the technology in our Heavy Duty Range to suit a variety of applications.

We have our custom made heavy duty DELTA water treatment conditioners successfully treating EC levels of 8500 uS/cm for irrigation of vegetable crops.

Initially we produced this range specifically for extreme water problems in the mining industry. We then introduced it to large-scale fruit and vegetable growers who were experiencing stunted growth and crop losses due to high salinity and scale problems.

Our Heavy Duty custom range treats water previously thought to be untreatable across a variety of industries and applications:

  • Gardens
  • Irrigation
  • Stock watering
  • Large-scale fruit and vegetable growers
  • Vineyards

Large scale vegetable success

One of the biggest vegetable growing families in Western Australia, the Galatis, turned to DELTAwater solutions for a product to treat their water which had a extremely high mineral content which was killing their vegetable crops. There was an immediate improvement once the Heavy Duty SL DELTA Water Treatment product for High Mineral Content system was installed, and the business is back to growing healthy crops without any leaf burn. The Heavy Duty SL DELTA water treatment technology has also stopped salinity build-up in their soil.

Supporting families

Queensland family-owned lime business Phillisa Limes is having long-term success with their DELTA water treatment technology, consistently achieving higher yields and hence better profits than others in their district who are using untreated water in their orchards.


This product range has also provided a water treatment solution for a large vegetable grower in Mexico whose water had extremely high mineral content. Since installing the Heavy Duty SL DELTA water treatment technology, this grower is now able to harvest high quality tomatoes and flowers on his Mexican farm.


The Heavy Duty SL Range is also boosting growth and yields in vineyards and orchards across Australia and overseas.

South Africa

DELTAwater solutions is treating salty irrigation water in Kenya including treatment at a ginger plantation. The DELTA-treated water is on two centre pivots which irrigate the ginger, which they grow to make oil.

Want to know if this is the right product for you?

Phone DELTA direct on 1800 283 600 to order a Water Advisory Service Kit so we can test your water before recommending a DELTA water treatment solution for your specific water problem. You can also read our Success Stories in WATER NEWS.