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Hardness of water - DELTA Water Solutions for the home


Hardness of water is one of the biggest water-related complaints people report in and around their homes. It is an increasing problem across Australia and overseas as we face declining water quality. Water-based appliances have become part of everyday life and it’s more important than ever to avoid clogging and corrosion problems, and to maintain efficient systems.

Mineral concentration and salinity can cause a variety of problems such as blocked pipes and watering systems, poor performance and corrosion of appliances such as coffee machines, dishwashers and washing machines plus stagnant gardens that just can’t flourish due to poor quality water.

How can everyday people living in everyday environments overcome water-quality issues?

By installing a DELTA water treatment system for domestic situations, including the Domestic DELTA Diamond range. Whether you tap into a “reticulated” water supply or pump from a bore or waterway – the DELTA technology suits all applications.

The DELTA domestic product range solves problems for swimming pool systems, hot-water heating systems, evaporative air-conditioners, reticulation, sprinkler systems, boilers and of course plumbing to those all important shower recesses, baths, taps and toilets.

And don’t forget your home coffee machine -another essential household item that needs to work on time, every time!

DELTAwater solutions has the products and know-how to combat problems involving a build-up of calcium and iron-based scale, salt levels and corrosion.

Environmentally-friendly: no carbon footprint

DELTA water treatment is chemical and pollution free and is a perfect example of how human ingenuity can solve a major issue in an environmentally-friendly way – with DELTA there are no harsh chemicals necessary plus no electricity costs and no maintenance costs.

Having confidence in what flows through your pipes or taps means everything. Also, having access to better quality water without corrosive material, minerals, scale and salinity in its profile has obvious health benefits.

Eliminating hardness of water using the DELTA water treatment technology results in:

  • More efficient water use in household appliances such as dishwashers, bathrooms, coffee machines, washing machines and toilets
  • Improved lathering and cleaning performance of soaps and detergents
  • Greater versatility in water use – washing, drinking, air-conditioning
  • Health benefits associated with having access to higher-quality water

Learn more about the benefits of DELTA water treatment technology by downloading our In the Home brochure, our In the Pool brochure, our In the Paddock, Home and Garden brochure and ourDELTA diamond brochure.

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