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About DELTA Water Solutions - Water Treatment Technology Australia

About DELTAwater solutions

Alex and Dianne Panov founded DELTAwater solutions in 1993 to design, manufacture and distribute a range of water treatment products and scale reduction systems to address salinity, calcium-scale, iron, water hardness and corrosion. DELTAwater solutions is a 100% Australian manufacturing company based in Newcastle.

It was important from the outset that the DELTAwater products were 100% Australian designed and manufactured with no lasting environmental impacts. Alex and Dianne turned to magnetic technology because it is a sustainable solution that it is chemical, pollution and maintenance free and is able to run without power.

The DELTA water treatment system technology has evolved to meet varying water-supply applications worldwide. Alex and Dianne have continued to grow the business by exploring new markets and adapting their technology through extensive research and trials. DELTAwater solutions has won many awards for its efforts including:

  • Business of the Year, Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards 2015
  • Innovation Award, Hunter Region Business Excellent Awards 2015
  • Best Marketed Manufacturing Company, Hunter Manufacturing Awards 2015
  • MAP Marketing 100 Fastest Growing Hunter Companies – Placed in the Top 100 3 years in a row
  • Hunter Export Awards 2006 – Encouragement Award
  • Innovation in Manufacturing – 2006 Energy Australia Hunter Manufacturing Innovation Awards
  • Hunter Export Awards 2006 – Finalist
  • Australia Post 2005 Small Business Awards – Finalist – Technology
  • Small Business Award – Toyne Business Consultants 2003

We see exciting growth potential for magnetic water technology as individuals, businesses and industries become more focused on sustainable living, conserving our precious water resources and reducing the impact they make on the environment.


More about Alex

Alex has a rural and farming-based background and an agricultural degree. With a practical nature and hands-on experience adapting and improving agricultural equipment, Alex’s early development of the DELTA technology was inspired by seeing the impact poor quality water had on the agricultural industry. With no environmentally-friendly, high quality practical solution on the Australian market, he set about finding a solution. Initially developed for agricultural applications, he adapted and improved the technology to solve water problems for commercial, domestic and industrial markets as well as for mining and government sectors – both in Australia and overseas.

More about Dianne

Dianne grew up on a sheep property in rural NSW, and has first-hand experience of the complexities surrounding a need for good-quality water in all situations – on the farm, in the home, for stock, for irrigation, in a commercial setting or in the garden. She has extensive experience in financial management, strategic planning and business development, and has established stringent processes to ensure all facets of DELTAwater gel together. Her understanding of water problems, combined with her genuine people skills, underpin the success of DELTAwater in delivering practical solutions for water problems to individuals and industries around the world.

A personal and genuine approach

The key success of DELTAwater solutions is the effort its people put into face-to-face and personal interaction with all customers – large and small. They work to their strengths and with their specialist staff they are able to maintain a hands-on involvement in all facets of the business from manufacturing to distribution and meeting customers, to directing marketing strategies and overseeing overall company management.

The company works with a range of professional organisations to promote and deliver its product across Australia and around the world, and provides expert advice and guidance through its Water Advisory Service. DELTA has an extensive agent network across Australia and in overseas countries including Vanuatu, New Zealand, Algeria and North America.