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Water treatment solutions for government and commercial sectors


Efficiencies and bottom-line accountability underpin government’s ability, at all levels, to provide quality service. And this is just one sector that DELTAwater Solutions and its water treatment technology excel.

Prisons, aged care facilities, public housing, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, cafes, shopping centres and town water supplies all require efficient water systems to ensure that resources are not wasted.

Boilers, heat exchangers, air conditioners, sterilisers and commercial coffee machines – the list of uses for the DELTA water treatment technology in the government and commercial sectors is endless. The results the DELTA water treatment technology has achieved in reducing operational costs for these sectors are remarkable.

A DELTA commercial water treatment system can make a world of difference to financial performance and quality delivery across a wide range of government and commercial activities.

DELTA water treatment technology systems are 100% Australian designed and manufactured, and can meet the strict compliance required for government procurement processes.


Read more about how DELTA technology is solving water problems in the commercial and government sectors by downloading our Commercial & Government brochure.

Learn more about DELTAwater Solutions and our evolutionary range of innovative water treatment system on our FAQs page. You’ll be surprised by the diversity of sectors now relying on DELTA for their water treatment technology Australia.