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Water Treatment Technology Australia

DELTAwater solutions Australia are technical experts in solving common water quality problems such as scale, salinity, iron and corrosion.

We develop and manufacture an innovative range of water treatment technology products, scale reduction systems and commercial water treatment systems.  Based in the industrial hub of Newcastle, our range of DELTA products are 100% Australian designed and manufactured, chemical free, require no power and are pollution and maintenance free.

We have created our products to meet a diverse range of applications from single point domestic systems through to complex commercial water treatment system.

DELTAwater solutions is a 100% Australian manufacturing company based in Newcastle. Alex and Dianne Panov started manufacturing their water treatment systems in 1993 to address salinity, calcium-scale, iron, water hardness and corrosion.

The DELTAwater customised water treatment products have proven success delivering water treatment technology solutions for a range of water problems across a range of sectors including:


DELTAwater water treatment technology unblocks irrigation systems and stock watering systems. It also improves water quality and reduces salinity in soils for fruit and vegetable growers, cropping and irrigation enterprises both large and small, in orchards and in vineyards.


DELTA water treatment technology creates efficiencies in all mine site areas including machine wash, amenities areas, pipes and pumps.

Government and Commercial 

DELTA water treatment technology reduces maintenance costs and improves water quality for aged care facilities, public housing, prisons, restaurants and cafes and apartment buildings. DELTA water treatment technology also improves water quality in town water supplies.


DELTA provides customised water treatment solutions for large-scale applications including piggeries, wine processing, abattoirs and factories/manufacturing plants.

Domestic and househould

DELTA provides a water treatment solution for anywhere in or around the home where hardness of water is an issue. DELTA water treatment technology improves the performance of household electrical appliances, coffee machines, dishwashers, toilets, showers, swimming pools and garden watering systems.

Water Advisory Service

DELTAwater solutions provides a comprehensive water testing and analysis service to pinpoint and understand water issues and provide informed recommendations on water treatment options. When we understand the problem, we can identify which of our customised DELTAwater treatment products will solve specific water problems.

Want to know more?

Learn more about DELTAwater – the leading provider of water treatment technology – on our About Us page. We also encourage you to check our FAQ page and visit our Water News page to hear about how we are providing water treatment solutions for problems caused by water quality such as calcium build-up, scale, salinity, iron and corrosion.

We invite you to Contact Us to discuss any aspect of your water quality that will benefit from the application of the DELTA water treatment technology, commercial water treatment systems and scale reduction systems.

Everywhere there’s water, there’s a DELTAwater solution!


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