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DELTA Diamond town water treatment


Is harsh town water causing these problems in your home and garden?

  • White streaks on your shower screen
  • Poor performance of your washing powder
  • Scale build-up on your electrical appliances
  • Streaks on your glasses and cutlery when they come out of the dishwasher
  • Stunted plant and lawn growth

You may have tried harsh chemicals, elbow grease, a full-time maid, using more powder, expensive powder boosters, spit and polish and expensive plant boosters BUT ALL YOU NEED IS A DIAMOND.

Not just any diamond… A DELTA DIAMOND!

Attach a DELTA Diamond water treatment product to your town water system and watch your water problems disappear. The professionals at DELTAwater solutions have developed the DELTA DIAMOND technology to treat water problems harsh town water causes around your home and your garden.

Easy to install, no power or maintenance required.

This revolutionary Australian water treatment product will be your new best friend by keeping your household appliances in mint condition and your shower recess sparkling clean. Plus, your garden will be lusher than ever!

DELTA DIAMOND is your water treatment technology solution. It will:

  • Stop the streaks on your shower screen
  • Prevent scale buildup on your appliances including kettles, dishwashers, washing machines and coffee machines
  • Improve the performance of your soaps and detergents
  • Stop your shower head from getting blocked by calcium and scale buildup

We guarantee our 100% Australian designed and manufactured water treatment products. Order a DELTA Diamond today by phoning our toll free number 1800 283 600 or via any of the other contact methods listed on our Contact Us page.


Within several hours of Mal and Di Thompson installing a DELTA Diamond in Western Australia, a water treatment system custom made to treat problems in the home and garden caused by hard town water, they noticed an improvement.

“I installed it in the afternoon and when I got up at 3am for a drink, I noticed a difference in the taste immediately,” Mal said. “The next morning the water coming out of the tap was crystal clear. We also noticed when we washed the glasswear and cutlery, they came up crystal clear.” Read full story

“We are very happy with the performance our DELTA DIAMOND… starting from a very soft-feeling water that lathers up a lot easier, to dishes that come out of the dishwasher so much cleaner with no smears or residue left on them. The water is a lot more palatable and we enjoy drinking it a lot more. Thank you for this product! I think every household would benefit from a DELTA DIAMOND.”Ian Perkins, Dubbo, NSW

“I have cleaned the hot water urn of any scale before I installed my DELTA DIAMOND, and have had no further build-up since. It’s the same with the kettle. Also, my husband is no longer complaining about itchy skin after his shower. I also notice that the taps have more pressure. Now I know it is possible to have better water thanks to a DELTA DIAMOND.” Helen Delphine, Quandialla, NSW 

Want to know if this is the right product for you?

Every water situation is unique so we encourage people to send us a sample of their water to make sure we provide the right water treatment solutions. Contact DELTA direct on 1800 283 600 to order a Water Advisory Service Kit and we will contact you to discuss the different options as soon as we have your results.