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Sectors that benefit from the DELTA water treatment technology

Water is essential for life. It can dictate what we do and how and where we live. We rely on water for survival, for growth and prosperity. We use it, in some form, every day. And water quality is crucial.

Any place and any setting where scale, salinity, calcium, iron and corrosion reduction and improved water quality are in demand, DELTA water treatment technology is in demand. A DELTA scale, salinity, calcium, iron and corrosion reduction system can change the way you work, the way you perform and the way you live.



Mine sites water treatment DELTAwater solutions’ water treatment technology treats water problems such as scale, salinity, iron and corrosion – all problems which impact on the efficiency and maintenance needs of mine sites. In many mines across Australia, DELTA water treatment technology systems and products are: Reducing maintenance costs and time Improving efficiency of machinery, pumps, reverse…

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Agriculture-Rural Sector The DELTA agriculture-rural water treatment technology has a range of exciting applications in the agricultural sector especially for vineyards, fruit and vegetable growers, large-scale irrigation operations, cropping enterprises and stock watering systems. The DELTA technology delivers to it agricultural-rural customers: More efficient use of available water resources including mineral-hard or saline bores Water savings…

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DELTAwater Solutions for Industry Industrial enterprises need high quality water and efficient water-delivery systems to guarantee high productivity and to minimise time and effort. Industrial water treatment is a necessity in the current climate due to poor quality water and the associated problems caused by scale build-up, salinity, iron and corrosion. We have developed the DELTA industrial…

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Government & Commercial

Efficiencies and bottom-line accountability underpin government’s ability, at all levels, to provide quality service. And this is just one sector that DELTAwater Solutions and its water treatment technology excel. Prisons, aged care facilities, public housing, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, cafes, shopping centres and town water supplies all require efficient water systems to ensure that resources are not…

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Hardness of water is one of the biggest water-related complaints people report in and around their homes. It is an increasing problem across Australia and overseas as we face declining water quality. Water-based appliances have become part of everyday life and it’s more important than ever to avoid clogging and corrosion problems, and to maintain efficient…

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