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Iron Filtration Water Treatment System

The DELTAwater solutions custom made Iron Filtration Water Treatment System in a filtration and aeration system that removes the iron from water that has been pumped into a holding tank.

The DELTA Iron Filtration Water Treatment System removes the iron, manganese and tannins from the bore water that you have in the holding tank, and when you use this water in your home, your garden or in an agricultural setting, the treated water will no longer leave any iron stains.

This DELTA iron water treatment system solves the problems of water with a high iron content making plants flourish and pipes and pump clean. 

We also work closely with our customers who purchase an iron filtration system on what’s the optimum amount of time for treating your water, so that you can mimimise electric pump electricity costs.

  • Read more about our Iron Filstration Water Treatment System in our case study with Sue Handbury from Reedy Creek in Victoria.

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