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What is a DELTAwater conditioner?

Posted on July 12, 2021

What is a DELTAwater solutions conditioner?

It is an Australian-made, designed & owned water treatment product for scale, salinity, iron, corrosion and algae.

Where are they made?

We make our conditioners at our manufacturing plant in Newcastle, Australia.

Are they an Australian product?

Yes. Our DELTAwater solutions water treatment conditioners are 100% Australian made. Our business is also 100% Australian owned and operated, employing local people.

Do your water conditioners need power?

No power is required. Our water conditioners  are chemical, pollution and maintenance-free.

Do you have different conditioners for different purposes?

Yes, we custom design our water treatment conditioners for house & garden, irrigation, stock & commercial uses.

How long have you been in business?

DELTAwater solutions was founded in 1993 by Alex and Dianne Panov, who still own the business today.

Do you test your customer’s water before you recommend a product?

Yes, we test out customer’s water samples under laboratory conditions through our Water Advisory Service. When we understand the problem, we can provide the best possible solution!

Where can we purchase a DELTAwater solutions water treatment product?

You can phone us on 1800 283 600 or email to find out more. We have a network of agents across Australia so you can also pick up a water testing kit or find out more about our products with your local pumps and irrigation agent.