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Water testing underpins success

Posted on March 5, 2021 irrigation, salinity, water treatment

Understanding people’s water problems before recommending a solution is the key to the success of Australian company DELTAwater solutions, says John Powderly.

John runs Powderly’s Pumping & Irrigation Services in Young. He’s proud to have worked with DELTAwater since it started more than 25 years ago.

“What really sets them apart is the fact they always test the water before they recommend one of their conditioners. If you don’t follow this path you could end up with any quality of water conditioner and it’s not going to work.”

Problems growers face in the Young district, renowned for cherries and grapes, include salty bore water and salt build-up in soils.

“We’ve got quite a few DELTAs on grapes and they’re getting better growth, better coloured leaves, better production of fruit – better all round. Plus they’re noticing less salt buildup in their soils.”

Home gardens also get the DELTA treatment.

“People come to us because they can’t grow anything in the garden because they’ve using the bore water so much and it’s building up salt in their soils. We tell them they need a DELTAwater conditioner, they buy them, and they work.”