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Stock and irrigation water solution

Posted on March 5, 2021 stock water, pumps and irrigation, sheep water, water treatment

When Northern Territory station managers Steve and Rebecca Severin arrived at Tarlton Downs, halfway between Mt Isa and Alice Springs, they weren’t able to grow a garden because the bore was too salty. The station’s Shorthorn-Santa Gertrudis were also refusing to drink the water at one set of cattle yards near the homestead.

After testing the water, DELTAwater recommended a Heavy Duty SL unit, custom designed for extremely hard bore water supplies with high salinity.

“Within a day of installing the DELTA onto the cattle yard bore we could see a difference. Once the cattle worked out the water was okay we started getting them coming in to drink from both sides.

This meant they could walk further to get better food and the bore that was previously useless became useful again.

Australian manufacturing business

Alex and Dianne Panov founded DELTAwater solutions in Newcastle more than 25 years ago to manufacture a water treatment system to address water quality problems including salinity, scale build-up caused by calcium and magnesium, water hardness, iron and corrosion.

Clears mineral build-up in stock watering systems

South Australian station owner Steven McCracken, who farms a 5000-hectare property on the Eyre Peninsula, says his DELTAwater bore water conditioner rapidly cleared a frustrating build-up of minerals blocking his main stock irrigation pipe.

“I had sheep and cattle drinking on the line and I was not getting enough water through the system,” Steven said. “I put my DELTAwater conditioner on the line and it unblocked the pipe within days.”

Boosts irrigation efficiency

Renmark-based agronomist Trevor Sluggett says the Australian made water treatment system boosts irrigation system efficiency, lowers water use and improves yields. Trevor says when customers start using DELTA’s water treatment conditioners, many return for more units.

If you are talking hard water and a need to stop scale, or if you have salinity issues, high-salt issues or biological activity, you will get quality advice from the DELTAwater team.

“The good thing about dealing with DELTA is they have a range of units with different strengths to suit specific situations. Many of our customers now have them installed across their whole farm as well as hooked up to their home and garden.”