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Better water naturally


Posted on December 2, 2020

DELTAwater solutions, an award-winning water treatment company based in the manufacturing hub of Newcastle, has a strong network of agents in rural merchandise, pump and irrigation businesses across Australia.

One of their longest-running agents is John Powderly who runs the family business Powderly’s Pumping and Irrigation from Young, NSW.

Problems his customers face, in an area renowned for its cherries and grapes, include salty bore water and salt build-up in soils.

“Droughts keep coming and going and rural communities have become more and more reliant on bore water. Because it’s so salty and a lot of the time not useable, we need a good quality water conditioner for our customers. DELTAwater solutions fill that spot admirably,” John says.

“Anyone who comes to us with their bore water problems – whether it be on irrigation on a paddock scale or in their home garden – we tell them they need a DELTAwater conditioner. We know they work, we get the results, so we promote them.”

He’s proud to have worked with DELTAwater solutions since Alex and Dianne Panov established their water treatment manufacturing business more than 25 years ago.

“Like us, DELTAwater solutions is family owned and 100% Australian, and this is reflected in the level of service they provide.”

John says the water testing service DELTA offers is the key to the success of their bore water treatment products.

“This really sets them apart; the fact they always test the water before they recommend a particular conditioner. If you don’t follow this path you could end up with any quality of water conditioner and it’s not going to work.

“It’s important to us that our customers get the right treatment solution for their water and soil problems. This is why we always go with the DELTA and why we have so much success.”

John says it doesn’t take long to see results.

“We’ve got quite a few DELTAs on grapes and they’re getting better growth, better coloured leaves, better production of fruit – better all round. Plus they’re noticing less salt buildup in their soils,” he says.

Home gardens in his district also get the DELTA treatment.

“People come to us because they can’t grow anything in the garden because they’ve using the bore water so much and it’s building up salt in their soils. We tell them they need a DELTAwater conditioner, they buy them, and they work.”