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Bore water treatment for irrigation and stock

Posted on November 19, 2020

One thing fruit and vegetable growers and irrigation and livestock farmers have in common is the need for high quality bore water. Another thing many also have in common is they’ve turned to 100% Australian water treatment company DELTAwater solutions to keep their businesses on track.


Salty bore water was wreaking havoc on western NSW farmer Frank Cox’s irrigated lucerne but his crops are flourishing since installing a custom-designed DELTA water treatment system.

Within two cuts after installing his DELTAwater solutions conditioner he went from producing one quarter of a tonne per acre to one and a quarter tonnes. Within a month he had more than made back his investment and results remain consistent, with crops averaging around one tonne.

“I have more confidence when making decisions because my income has basically turned around from $7000 a month to $30,000 a month. The DELTA played a huge part in that,” Frank says.


South Australian station owner Steven McCracken on the Eyre Peninsula says his DELTAwater bore water conditioner rapidly cleared a frustrating build-up of minerals that were blocking his main stock irrigation pipe.

“I put my DELTAwater conditioner on the line and it unblocked the pipe within days. It was a great relief.”

Western Australian market gardener Ben Tran says the DELTA technology has resulted in higher, stronger plants with better yields at the Bullsbrook property he runs with his parents.

Fruit and vegetables

Ben, dad Tran and mum Ma watched their capsicum crop climb for the sky after installing a DELTA water treatment system on their bore irrigation supply. The yield climbed too.

The family turned to the DELTA technology to counteract the toll their groundwater, with high levels of sodium and chloride, was taking on plant growth and yield.

“DELTA added another 30 centimetres of growth to our plants and our capsicum yield is a lot more than before,” Ben says. They also use DELTA-treated water on their strawberries, tomatoes, eggplants and watermelons.

  • Alex and Dianne Panov founded DELTAwater solutions more than 25 years ago to manufacture a water treatment system to address water quality problems including salinity, scale build-up caused by calcium and magnesium, water hardness, iron and corrosion. The company is based in Newcastle and distributes its products globally.