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Water treatment for salty water

Posted on April 14, 2019 lucerne, irrigation water, irrigator, salinity, DELTA, water treatment

Salty bore water was wreaking havoc on western NSW farmer Frank Cox’s 40-hectare irrigated lucerne paddock but his crops are now flourishing after installing a custom-designed DELTA water treatment system.

Reliant upon a salty bore for his centre pivot irrigated lucerne, Frank’s first planting after purchasing the property was a disaster. The irrigated oats failed to develop any higher than 600mm. Even more alarming was the oats he planted at the same time on non-irrigated land overtook the irrigated plants to grow to over one metre.

A water and soil analysis revealed high salinity levels and through his agronomist he heard about DELTAwater solutions who manufacture custom-designed water treatment systems.

“I was significantly depressed that first year with the results, and I didn’t know what I was going to do to make things better.”

Frank’s first 2013 lucerne crop performed miserably. He installed his DELTA system and within two cuts he went from producing one quarter of a tonne per acre to one and a quarter tonnes per acre. Within a month he had more than made back his investment in his new DELTA. Results remain consistent, with his crops still averaging around one tonne per acre.

“That’s excellent, anyone who gets a tonne to the acre is doing very well,” Frank says. “Since installing the DELTA and changing farming practices I have more control over my farm and most importantly I have confidence. I have more confidence when making decisions because my income has basically turned around from $7000 a month to $30,000 a month. The DELTA has a huge part to play in that.”