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Posted on January 9, 2019

When people ask us about our water treatment products, we often don’t know where to start.

We’ve been working on trying to fit our product summary into a 30-second elevator speech but to be honest, we just can’t manage to outline our full range in that time! So we’ve broken it down into sections for you, and today we are going to tell you about our BIG DELTAs.

When we say big, we mean BIG. When you have a big water problem like salinity, calcium scale, iron or algae, causing big losses to your business and big financial stresses, you need a big solution.

Not only do we manufacture units for big pipes, we manufacture them for big problems – or both. If you have extremely high levels of mineral content in your water, we have the Heavy Duty SL range. And is your pipe 450mm or bigger? No problem, we can custom design your DELTA to fit.


We have just shipped off one of our big DELTAs to Kenya to treat salty irrigation water at a ginger plantation. The DELTA-treated water is going on two centre pivots which irrigate the ginger, which they grow to make oil. We packed their DELTA water treatment system into a metal-lined box so it would arrive safely.

water treatment system, salinity, DELTA

Alex with a DELTA SU100G28 for Kenya

ginger, water treatment, irrigation, salinity

The DELTA SU100G28 at work at a Kenyan ginger plantation


This unit has gone to a citrus farm in the Gayndah area to treat a salinity problem the grower is having with his irrigation water.

citrus farming, water treatment system, irrigation, salinity

Ken, Shane and Lizzie the pug from Gayndah Rural


vineyard, irrigation, water treatment system, salinity

Alex and Dianne farewell a Grade 28 DELTA we custom designed for 450mm pipe for an irrigation system at a vineyard in the Riverland area of South Australia


We have sent three of our BIG DELTA units, which we custom designed for a 20mm pipe, to one Victorian dairy. The most recent water treatment system we sent has gone onto their centre pivot irrigation to protect it from corrosion and salinity problems. Two of the DELTAs are on the irrigation system and one is installed on the dairy wash-down area.

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