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Field days event highlights water demand

Posted on September 28, 2018 water treatment, gardens, Ag-Quip, water, salinity, irrigation

Published in The Land, September 2018

Australia’s largest agricultural field day has highlighted an increasing demand for better quality water for gardens, stock and irrigation as drought conditions bite hard across much of eastern Australia.

Award-winning water treatment company DELTAwater solutions got a hands-on insight into water-related problems when they had their busiest Gunnedah Ag-Quip event in the 20 years they’ve been attending. DELTA manufactures a range of custom-designed water treatment systems for problems caused by salinity, scale, algae, calcium and corrosion.

A month after the event, the Newcastle-based company founded by Alex and Dianne Panov more than 25 years ago continues to be inundated with water tests from field days visitors.

Access to quality water

Alex said Ag-Quip highlighted the increasing pressure on farms and in rural towns for access to quality water supplies.

“For example, an increasing number of stock and irrigation farmers are having to resort to poor quality bore water supplies because they can’t use their river water anymore and are having trouble establishing crops,” he said.

“We also spoke to a lot of people who are running out of tank water and have put bore water to their houses and are experiencing scaling and corrosion problems.”

Scale and corrosion

Alex said for towns on water restrictions, the quality of supplies is causing problems with scale and corrosion, and ruining appliances.

“We spoke with people from towns including Tamworth, Gunnedah and Narrabri who were all looking for ways to improve their town water supplies,” Alex said.

The drought has also highlighted the value of homestead gardens.

“We spoke to a lot of people wanting to improve their salty bore water supplies so they don’t lose their historic homestead gardens. I had one couple who have three homes with old gardens and it’s very important to them to maintain these.

“Another couple I spoke to said it was so good to come home off their drought-stricken property to a little green oasis around the house, and want to make sure they keep the only bit of green they have.”

Drought and water

Alex said since they founded DELTAwater solutions more than 25 years ago they have experienced several droughts.

“The importance of access to good quality water, particularly in regional areas, can never be underestimated,” he said.

“Dianne and I are both off the land so we know what people are going through, which is one of the reasons we started manufacturing our water treatment products in the first place.

It provides us a lot of personal satisfaction to support the agricultural sector by giving people access to better quality water through our treatment system that they normally wouldn’t be able to use.

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