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DELTA keeps pipes and pumps clear of calcium build-up

Posted on September 25, 2017 stock water, pumps and irrigation, sheep water, water treatment

With this year’s dry conditions sheep and lucern farmer Frank Cox has needed extra water for stock, so he’s hooked up his DELTA water treatment system to his stock troughs to keep pipes and pumps clear of calcium build-up.

It has been an added benefit to the system he installed on his salty bore for his centre pivot irrigated lucerne.

You don’t invest in something unless you’re going to be rewarded. My DELTA has rewarded me many times over and ever since I installed it, it’s been working reliably and going gangbusters.

Reliant upon a salty bore for his centre pivot irrigated lucerne, Frank’s first planting after purchasing the property was a disaster. The irrigated oats failed to develop any higher than 600mm. Even more alarming was the oats he planted at the same time on non-irrigated land overtook the irrigated plants to grow to over one metre.

A water and soil analysis revealed high salinity levels and through his agronomist he heard about DELTA’s 100% Australian water treatment system.

“I was significantly depressed that first year with the results, and I didn’t know what I was going to do to make things better.”

In 2013 Frank planted lucerne which performed miserably. He then installed his DELTA water treatment system and within two cuts his lucerne went from producing one quarter of a tonne per acre to one and a quarter tonnes per acre. This meant that within a month he had more than made back his investment in his new DELTA. Results remain consistent, with his crops still averaging around one tonne per acre.

“That’s excellent, anyone who gets a tonne to the acre is doing very well,” Frank says.

Since installing the DELTA and changing farming practices I have more control over my farm and most importantly I have confidence. I have more confidence when making decisions because my income has basically turned around from $7000 a month to $30,000 a month. The DELTA has a huge part to play in that.

Alex and Dianne Panov, who both grew up on the land and had agricultural-based careers, founded DELTAwater more than 20 years ago to address common water quality problems such as salinity, scale, iron and corrosion. With a practical nature and hands-on experience adapting and improving agricultural equipment, Alex’s early development of the DELTA technology was inspired by seeing the impact poor quality water had on the agricultural industry. With no environmentally-friendly, high quality practical solution on the Australian market, he set about designing and manufacturing a solution.

“Alex and Dianne have very good understanding of what they’re required to do to make someone else’s business run successfully,” Frank says. “They have a lot of experience with conditioning water. They have clients all over the place who had unusable water because of its high salt and mineral content but because of the DELTA they are able to farm successfully now, including me.

“Their depth of experience meant they were able to look at my bigger picture. My situation is now working and it wasn’t before. For me it was money well spent and it more than paid for itself on my first cut (of DELTA-treated lucerne).

The DELTA has more than paid for itself many times over. I’m rapt with it – every time I cut my lucerne I say to myself ‘this is the best I’ve ever seen it’ – and it is.