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DELTA delivers quality water, reliability, peace of mind

Posted on October 19, 2017 calcium scale, salinity, stock water, pumps and pipes

Central western NSW Angus stud owner Netta Holmes Lee says the DELTA technology has brought quality water to her cattle, reliability to her reticulated watering system and peace to her mind.

The Wellington district farmer installed her first DELTA unit at her property ‘Noonee Nyrang’ in 2005 after pipes supplying her troughs blocked due to scale build-up from hard bore water.

“We totally rely on a bore for our livestock,” Netta says. “We basically did a major upgrade of that system in 2001 and within 18 months some of those new pipes were starting to block with the calcium carbonate. At its worst we had an inch and a half pipe completely blocked in that time.”

Reduced flow, regular maintenance to ‘blow out’ the pipes and fear that stock would suffer all added up to a major headache, especially in hot summers.

I knew we had to look at a better way to deliver our water.

Alex Panov from Newcastle-based company DELTAwater solutions developed a farm-wide strategy for Netta’s network of tanks, pipes and troughs over several years.

He started with the worst pipe, installing a Heavy Duty DELTA water treatment system on an outlet at the head of the pipe with the biggest scale problem.

Netta followed his recommendations and fitted the pipe, which fed five paddocks, with several flushing outlets.

In the first month, with the combination of the DELTA water treatment and regular flushing, we could see the calcium’s white powder and small flakes coming through the pipe.

“We had very little trouble after that. We could see it was going to work and that it was worth going ahead. We’ve now got six DELTAs in strategic places and flushing outlets on those lines as well.

“The other thing is the peace of mind. The problems always seem to occur during the hottest time in summer when the cattle need the most water. Now I don’t have to worry about suddenly finding a blocked pipe.”

I’ve seen first-hand that it works, saves lots of time and lots of worries. I’d certainly recommend it to fix the scale problem in pipes. And I’d also like to say we’ve found Alex extremely helpful too.

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