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DELTA continues to provide ‘lifeline’ with salty water treatment for agriculture

Posted on January 29, 2016

The first year with DELTA-treated water we grew a 400-tonne canola crop where we couldn’t the year before. The DELTA unit paid for itself many times over in the first year, it saved our farm in the last drought and continues to produce excellent results treating previously unusable water. Stephen Way, Deniliquin

Stephen Way remembers how good it felt to walk through a two-metre high canola crop at ‘Whittier Park’ near Deniliquin NSW after he installed his DELTA salty water treatment for agriculture system in 2008. Poor quality bore water that killed a lucerne crop a year earlier was transformed into quality water with the help of a custom-designed 300mm DELTA conditioner – growing a high-yielding canola crop in the same dirt 12 months later.

“We put in about 400 acres of irrigated canola and that paddock, the one that killed the lucerne the season before, was probably the best paddock of canola we had,’’ Stephen says. “The technology works for sure. It definitely chucked us a big lifeline. It’s made something that was basically useless valuable again.’’

Stephen turned to DELTAwater solutions after watching a neighbour reap the rewards using its technology. “I jumped the fence and got the company’s number off their unit. Our land was becoming obsolete because of the build-up of salt in the soil and growing sodium problems. In years of drought I very much doubt that if we didn’t have the DELTA, whether we’d even be here.’’

salty water treatment for agriculture

Founding DELTA director Alex Panov visits NSW customer Stephen Way in late 2015, who says his DELTA salty water treatment system continues to produce excellent results.