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Why businesses need to take the time to reflect and celebrate

Posted on September 23, 2015

By DELTAwater solutions founding director Dianne Panov

IMG_9919We are on a real high at DELTAwater solutions after getting top honours at the Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards this month – Business of the Year. We were also fortunate to win the Innovation Award.
We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and during our first decade of business were fortunate to win several awards. Then things got a whole lot busier, and even though we had it on our marketing program every year, we put award applications to the side as our business grew and our time, energy and attention was needed elsewhere.
This year we decided to make sure awards didn’t fall off our list, because we knew it was time to check in on where we were, where we’d been and where we were headed. It was a valuable experience, regardless of whether we were successful on the awards night, because it gave Alex and I and our team an opportunity to reflect on our past and help plan for our future.
DELTAwater solutions started from humble beginnings. We had a Newcastle University engineering student boarding with us, and he and Alex started testing and trialling our very first prototype which they developed to address problems caused by saline, iron and mineral rich water in the agricultural industry.
We quickly realised we were onto something with great potential, and in a workshop attached to our home further developed our DELTA products. We also ran the administration and dispatch from our home office. Within a few years we were struggling to keep up with demand for our product, which we’d adapted for other markets including mine sites water treatment, commercial and government, domestic and large-scale industry. We moved into larger premises with a manufacturing plant, larger despatch area, water testing laboratory, office and conference room.
We had a few business ‘ideals’ right from the start. It was important our products were 100% Australian designed and manufactured with no lasting environmental impacts. This drove our decision to develop magnetic technology because it is a sustainable solution that it is chemical, pollution and maintenance free. And it’s a product that can run without power.
We have always been, and remain, a family-owned business. We are vulnerable to market forces and have needed to remain flexible so we can react quickly to new opportunities and have the ability to walk away when the opportunity doesn’t come to fruition.
We are glad for the opportunity that awards provide to sit back and reflect on where we started, what we’ve achieved and where to next. We encourage all business owners to take a breath every now and then, and focus on themselves. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished – owning your own business is not always the easy road but you can achieve great things with hard work and a passion for what you do.