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Water News – bore water treatment

Posted on July 6, 2015 calcium scale, salinity, stock water, pumps and pipes

Don’t wait for summer stress, start thinking about sorting your bore water treatment needs now

By Alex Panov, founding director, DELTAwater solutions

As we shiver through winter across most of Australia, apart from the lucky ones living in our tropical northern zones, summer seems like a long way away. This time of year, most areas can rely on rainfall to satisfy their water needs, so water becomes a lower priority for many.

But it won’t be long before all of us are sweltering through another Australian summer, and be in need for high quality bore water for irrigation and stock, horticulture and general household and garden use. That’s where DELTAwater solutions comes in, with a pre-summer reminder to start thinking about your bore water treatment needs this summer.

We’ll never forget the first phonecall we had from NSW Angus stud owner Netta Holmes several years ago in the height of summer. She was desperate to get water to her thirsty cattle and their bore water was creating more headaches than she could handle. She had blocked pipes from calcium scale and a huge maintenance bill trying to clear the pipes. And desperately thirsty cattle. We designed a bore water treatment system for her whole farm which involved installing six DELTA units in strategic places, with flushing outlets on those lines also. Within a month of installing her DELTA bore water treatment system, she started seeing results and after that her pipes and pumps remained clear.

We have many more stories like this and pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our customers, who contact us to update us on the results of their DELTA bore water treatment system.