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The DELTA Girls tour Queensland

Posted on May 22, 2015

By Dianne Panov
DELTAwater solutions founding director 

The big news for DELTA in May was our fruit and veg tour to Queensland. Everyone referred to myself and our regional sales manager Belinda Hockings as the ‘DELTA Girls’. We drove almost 4000 kilometres through the Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Mackay growing districts to discuss our commercial water filtration system with growers. We experienced weather extremes including temperatures in the high 30s and rainfall totals of around 400 millimetres.

Before Bundy (1)

We had to change our travel plans on this day and retreat back to our Bundaberg motel.

After Bundy (2)

The next day we woke to bright blue sunny skies and continued on our way.

We visited fruit and vegetable farms of all shapes and sizes, and saw first-hand the increased yield from growers who are treating their water with our DELTA water treatment system.


The smell of this freshly picked ginger, which is grown with DELTA-treated water, was wonderful!


Jamie Zapp and myself obviously think avocados are funny!

We also had the opportunity to visit our project site at Childers, where we have installed our commercial water filtration system at an avocado orchard to address salinity problems.
The project will demonstrate how our water treatment system boosts grower profits through improved water quality. The project is at Donovan Family Investment’s avocado orchard in Childers district where saline water is reducing yields.
Jamie Zapp from research and development agronomy business Hortus Technical Services is managing the project for us.

We were keen to invest in this project due to the ongoing success the DELTA water treatment system is having for fruit and vegetable growers in eliminating problems poor quality water causes to plants, soil and infrastructure.

Jamie approached us due to the amount of interest from Bundaberg district growers in the DELTAwater solutions commercial water filtration system. We selected Donovan’s because avocados are very sensitive to salinity issues and any differences the DELTA treatment makes will show up clearly. The project is measuring salts in the soil and the trees. It is also measuring yield differences between trees watered with DELTA-treated water and untreated trees.
Jamie says anything that can improve water quality and enable growers to farm better and smarter needs to be explored, and that is why Hortus are so happy to be part of this project.

  • Hortus Technical Services is an independent company and holds no bias to any product or company. Results will be fully accurate and independent.


ABC Wide Bay rural reporter Kallee Buchanan interviews me at Donovan Family Investment’s avocado orchard near Childers. Also in the pic is project manager Jamie Zapp from Hortus Technical Services and Donovan’s agronomist Tom Redern.