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Water News Issue #1

Posted on April 17, 2015

Welcome to the first edition of DELTA WATER NEWS. Highlights of this edition are:

QLD Fruit & Veg Tour – salty water treatment

Dianne Panov and Belinda Hockings from DELTAwater solutions will be touring the Bundaberg region from April 27 for two weeks. Their focus is on salty water treatment, with salty irrigation water wreaking havoc for growers. To arrange an appointment you can phone 1800 283 600 or speak to your local pumps and irrigation agent.

DELTA to visit water treatment project site at Childers

DELTAwater solutions has invested in a two-year project on an avocado farm in Childer’s district, and will visit the project site as part of their fruit and vegetable tour in April-May. The project will focus on the impact of DELTA’s salty water treatment products on soil, yield and the trees. You will be able to read the full story in the next edition of WATER NEWS.

DELTA's Dianne Panov with R&D agronomist Jamie Zapp at the project site.

DELTA’s Dianne Panov with R&D agronomist Jamie Zapp at the project site.

Fruit and veg grower turns to DELTA water treatment to fix salty water problems

Fourth generation horticulturalist Anthony Rehbein grows watermelons, potatoes and ginger in fields around the Hummock area, halfway between Bundaberg and Bargara. Much of the produce finds its way to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as well as main retail chains and independent grocers up and down the east coast of Australia.
But during the past three years, Hummock Produce has seen a steady decline in the quality of irrigation water, resulting in a drop in the quality and size of their produce. The salty irrigation water, particularly for their summer crops, was also causing significant leaf burn.
Last year this 100% Australian farmer found a 100% Australian salty water treatment solution for his salty water problem – a DELTAwater solutions water treatment system.
He found DELTAwater solutions via his local pumps and irrigation agent J & R McCracken. Their recommendation, combined with anecdotal evidence from neighbours who have installed a DELTA salty water treatment system, guided his decision to make the investment on his own farm.
Made and manufactured in Newcastle, DELTAwater solutions products are environmentally friendly, require no maintenance and are pollution and chemical free.
Anthony said the DELTA system resulted in an immediate and remarkable change in their produce. He said he would highly recommend the salty water treatment product to others battling problems caused by salty water.

“Within two weeks of installing our DELTA system, our crops started to transform and come to life. There’s been a huge reduction in leaf burn and we have noticed a size increase in our commodities, which in turn has resulted in an overall increase in yield. There has been a remarkable change in the quality of our product because of DELTAwater. I would recommend others to use the DELTAwater system – it’s great.”

Hummock Produce ginger before DELTA treatment.

Hummock Produce ginger after DELTA treatment.

Hummock Produce ginger after DELTA treatment.