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Australian water treatment product keeps toilets flushing

Posted on March 18, 2015 bore water treatment

When 25,000 people visit the 37th South East Field Days at Lucindale, they will notice a few changes. There will be the obvious changes at the 16-hectare site, such as new exhibitors and attractions. And when it’s time to take a toilet break, visitors will notice some big changes in the toilet blocks, thanks to long-time exhibitor DELTAwater solutions.

DELTAwater solutions manufacture a 100% Australian water treatment system, which the committee has installed to ensure the four toilet blocks run like clockwork at this year’s event.

Field Days committee chairman John Motteram said running, leaking toilets had provided a continual headache for the organising committee for many years. The mineral-laden bore water from a limestone aquifer caused serious calcium buildup in the toilets which required an acid wash, and sometimes, a complete cistern replacement. John said he was looking forward to seeing the toilets run smoothly thanks to the Heavy Duty SL Grade 5 water treatment system they installed after last year’s event.

DELTAwater solutions has developed the Heavy Duty SL range for water previously untreatable due to its extremely high salt and mineral content. The custom-made range can treat water with up to 8,000 uS/cm Electrical Conductivity (5,000ppm salt).

“Since we installed the DELTA, the toilets haven’t run or leaked,” John said. “We’ve had a few smaller events during the year, but we’re very interested to see how things go during the field days with the toilets getting so much use.”

John said the success of DELTA’s 100% Australian water treatment products in the area was well known. He said locals had reported success in treating iron problems in their centre pivot irrigators. He said many also reported that DELTA products had solved their calcium problems in stock systems and salt problems in soils.

“We’ve watched the DELTA water treatment products with interest for a while, and they definitely work. There’s no doubt about that.”