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DELTA bore water treatment on film

Posted on December 11, 2014
We all know how important water is – we just can’t live without it. But what happens if your water supply is affected by salt, or if your water creates heavy build-up of iron and scale on your reticulation, pumps, electrical appliances and shower screens?

Hosts of a top-rating gardening television show, Calinda Anderson and Darren Seinor, have produced a segment for Greenfingers – The Secrets to Gardening Success.

The segment focusses on DELTA’s bore water treatment product, and demonstrates how to fix and prevent any problems that could arise, and talk you through DELTA’s water solutions if your water is affected by too much salt.

So what do DELTA bore water treatment products do?

The DELTAwater solutions bore water treatment products prevent salt damage to plants and soil. They also stop iron and scale build-up in garden irrigation systems.

What makes DELTAwater solutions products unique?

DELTAwater solutions is the only water treatment company in Australia that analyses water quality before they will recommend any of their products to treat specific water problems.

Why are DELTAwater solutions bore water treatment products the best on the market?

DELTAwater solutions has spent more than 20 years researching and developing our water treatment products to address salt, iron, scale and algae problems in bore water.

What do our customers say about our bore water treatment products?

Customers worldwide tell us DELTA has saved their lives. In the Burnett River area of QLD, DELTAwater solutions water treatment products have saved the fruit & vegetable industry millions of dollars by addressing salinity problems in their water sources. One of our long-time clients Stephen Way, an irrigation farmer reliant on bore supplies in Western NSW, says he doubts he’d still be farming if it wasn’t for DELTA.

What water does DELTAwater solutions water treatment products treat?

Water from bores, soaks, rivers and creeks, and town supplies.

Some other things we are proud of at DELTAwater solutions:

  • DELTAwater solutions is an Australian company that designs and manufactures bore water treatment products to address salt, iron, scale and algae problems in all water sources.
  • Our products are chemical free, easy to install, no electricity required and maintenance free.
  • We manufacture a 100% Australian owned, designed and manufactured water treatment products – right here in Australia, supporting local business and industry