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DELTAwater solutions’ top tip for keeping cool this summer

Posted on November 3, 2014

Calcium buildup, scaleDELTA’S hot product of the month:

 Get rid of calcium build-up and scale with a DELTAwater solutions evaporative air-conditioning unit

This Australian summer is going to be hotter than hot. Again.

Before the next heatwave, you might like to install a DELTAwater solutions evaporative air-conditioning unit to improve the efficiency of your air-conditioner.

This water treatment product is custom-designed to treat the problems in evaporative air-conditioning units caused by high levels of hardness, salinity, minerals and iron in water such as calcium build-up and scale.

So what happens when you install a DELTA evaporative air-conditioning unit? It’s simple. Your air-conditioning pads will be cleaner and the benefits are many:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced running costs

As well as in home air-conditioning units, the DELTA evaporative air-conditioning water treatment product is creating measurable efficiencies on a larger scale. Less maintenance and reduced running costs are making a real difference to the bottom line in nursing homes, prisons, commercial premises and hospitals.

And most importantly, DELTA is keeping people cool!