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Time for swimming pool maintenance

Posted on September 18, 2014

DELTA water treatment reduces pool maintenance and makes pool water ‘softer’

“Our pool water is now so soft you just don’t want to get out of it.” Stuart Ramsay, Villa Pantai, BALI

If you are tired of your pool appearing green, of unblocking and cleaning your salt chlorinator and of trying to clean scale build-up off swimming pool surfaces, we have a solution! A DELTA swimming pool magnetic water softener will address the hardness of water in your pool and give it a “silky” feel.

The DELTA swimming poolwater purifier system stops scale build-up, keeps your pool balanced (meaning you need fewer chemicals) and prevents algal growth.

Take Villa Pantai resort in Bali for example. Owner Stuart Ramsay spares no effort in creating the perfect holiday for discerning guests. This means making people feeling as comfortable, relaxed and pampered as possible. Among key aspects of creating the perfect holiday environment is guaranteeing water quality, especially in the quintessential getaway playground – the pool.

Stuart was keen to improve the water for his guests and staff and approached 100% Australian firm DELTAwater solutions to tackle issues involving calcium build-up in his supply.

Since installing the DELTA magnetic water softener he couldn’t be happier with the results.

“It is working brilliantly,” he said. “Since I installed the DELTA swimming pool water purifier system the quality of the water has improved significantly. Its smell and texture couldn’t be better. It has a sweet smell and a silky soft texture.”

Mr Ramsay said his DELTA swimming pool magnetic water softener had also solved problems caused by calcium in the water.

“All the calcium scale build-up in the pipes has disappeared and the white powdery stain it had a habit of creating is no longer evident,” he said.

Contact DELTA today to find how easy swimming pool maintenance can be with a 100% Australian DELTAwater solutions swimming pool water treatment system.