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DELTA water treatment solution for Aussie gardeners

Posted on December 10, 2013

With harsh summer conditions continuing to bite across Australia, many people are turning to DELTA’s custom-made water treatment products.

Households, gardeners, farmers, fruit and vegetable growers and industries are all looking for a solution to counteract an excess of minerals and salt in their dwindling water supplies.

DELTA, a 100% Australian company based in Newcastle, has products for bore water treatment. DELTA products also treat river, town and irrigation water problems such as salinity, calcium scale build-up, water hardness, iron, corrosion and algae.

South Australia

Keen gardener John Lindsay from Strathalbyn in SA has 360-degree views from his house on a steep hill and from all angles his garden was struggling. Rainwater supply in the tank was low and his bore water was harsh with salts and minerals. After installing the DELTA bore water treatment technology to treat calcium scale buildup and other problems his garden, in one of South Australia’s most historic and picturesque towns southeast of Adelaide, responded.

“I’m very happy with the DELTA system, with what it’s done for my garden area and my home,” John says.

John, his wife and children and father-in-law live are now surrounded by a healthy garden featuring an acre of green kikuyu lawn, bottlebrushes, gum trees, pigface and lavender. A new orchard with nectarines, plums, peaches and cherries plus a vegie plot are also thriving.

John noticed a difference in the way his water behaved as soon as the DELTA bore water treatment technology was in place.“When I first put water on the ground without the DELTA treatment it just sat there, wouldn’t soak in,” John says. “But when I put the DELTA unit on, the water just disappeared, just soaked right in easily.”

The DELTA technology has also made a difference to his maintenance. There’s no scale build up in pipes and he only changes a sprinkler ‘every blue moon’.

DELTAwater products have over 20 years of proven success delivering bore water treatment and solutions for a range of water problems such as calcium scale buildup. Their products suit agricultural, industrial, commercial and domestic situations. The company’s products are chemical, maintenance and power free.


Ken Voigt of Nhill in western Victoria doesn’t have to think too much about issues involving the bore-water supply to his house these days. In fact, several years after clamping a DELTA bore water treatment product to his supply pipe, he reports there is not much to talk about.

“You know, I haven’t thought about water problems for a while. It’s all still good,” he says.

For Ken and his wife Janet the DELTA bore water treatment system has improved their garden and a reduced maintenance worries caused by mineral build-up. Ken and Janet’s major observation has been how well their DELTA-treated bore water penetrates soil.

Janet says: “We have sandy soil here and it doesn’t seem to be so water-repellent any more. The water actually goes into the soil better and doesn’t leave a white scum on the surface. And there are no problems with plants being affected by salt. The water seems to be a lot ‘softer’. We have a pond which has a pump going all the time which doesn’t clog up like it used to. And water coming from the pond fountain seems to be soft and fluffy. We also don’t have that big mineral stain you can get down the back of the toilet or a crust developing around the rim from untreated water.”