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100% Australian product treats highly saline bore water

Posted on December 10, 2013

LOCATION: Strathalbyn, South Australia
CUSTOMER: John Lindsay
PROBLEM: Calcium scale buildup and water-repellent soils caused by bore water with extremely high mineral content
SOLUTION: DELTA Heavy Duty SL Range bore water treatment

John noticed a difference in the way his water behaved as soon as the DELTA bore water treatment technology was in place. “I’m very happy with the DELTA system, with what it’s done for our garden area and our home.”

John, his wife and children and father-in-law are now enjoying a healthy garden featuring an acre of green kikuyu lawn, bottlebrushes, gum trees, pigface and lavender.  A new orchard with nectarines, plums, peaches and cherries plus a vegie plot are also thriving.

“When I put water on the ground without the DELTA bore water treatment it just sat there, it wouldn’t soak in. But when I put the DELTA unit on, the water just disappeared, just soaked right in easily. The DELTA technology has also made a difference to my maintenance. There’s no calcium scale build up in pipes and I only change a sprinkler ‘every blue moon’.”

DELTA has custom-made the Heavy Duty SL Range to suit all growers of salt-sensitive plants, from growers supplying garden markets right down to people trying to establish and maintain their home gardens. We are thrilled to hear what a difference our bore water treatment products and other water treatment products make for people like John whose gardens are such an important part of their day to day lives.