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Australian product provides solution for salty bore water

Posted on December 2, 2013

As the Australian summer kicks in, our thoughts turn to refreshing salads and cold drinks. And one of the summer fruits to grace our fruit bowls and fridges are limes. Small, juicy and packed with flavour. One Queensland lime orchardist who will be run off his feet this summer is Phil Oliver. But a couple of years ago, before Phil started treating his highly saline bore water with the DELTAwater solutions bore water treatment, things weren’t looking so good for his lime trees.

Lime tree orchardist Phil Oliver’s workload has grown since he installed the 100% Australian DELTA bore water treatment system. But the northern Queenslander certainly isn’t complaining. That’s because his trees are flowering and fruiting more than ever and his yield is up.

Phil initially installed a Grade 4 DELTA unit to treat his highly saline bore water and he quickly saw the benefits of the bore water treatment. “I immediately started seeing results with new shoots coming through the branches that were still alive around the base. And then within four weeks of watering, massive flowering started and since then it’s never stopped.”

But as the quality of his bore water became poorer, Phil could see he needed to look at other DELTA bore water purification options. He then installed a Heavy Duty SL and hasn’t looked back. 

DELTA custom-makes the Heavy Duty SL Range to treat water that was previously untreatable due to its extremely high mineral content.

“I’m very happy with the DELTA bore water treatment technology. People need to know there’s something out there that will give results with their water problems, whether it’s just in the house, in the garden or for farmers like me. So I’m definitely recommending it – because it works.”