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Water problems we treat – SALINITY

Posted on October 30, 2013

Bundaberg fruit and vegetable grower Godfrey Priebe

Since installing our DELTA magnetic water conditioner we’ve harvested capsicums in a spot I would never have dreamed of growing them before because of the high salt content in the soil plus the salty irrigation water of up to 7200EC. Yet they did well.

Central-western NSW farmer John O’Donnell

Clover doesn’t like our salty irrigation water too much but after installing our DELTA magnetic water conditioner it came back with extra vigour.

Every day DELTAwater solutions gets calls from people wanting a solution to their salty water. The number of calls increases over summer as water supplies dwindle across the country.

Salinity hinders plant growth, reduces soil quality and corrodes irrigation systems. It is a serious threat to Australia’s fruit, vegetable and wine industries, household gardens plus small and large-scale irrigation enterprises.

What does salt/salinity do to plants?

  • Salinity hinders plant growth
  • Symptoms resemble drought and heat stress symptoms – for example, wilting
  • Yellow or stunted foliage
  • Brown burnt leaf edges that curl up

How does salt damage occur?

  • Salt dehydrates the soil by attracting moisture
  • Sodium ions compact the soil, making it hard and lumpy making it hard for water to penetrate the soil, laying on the surface instead
  • Plants absorb chloride ions, resulting in brown burnt leaf edges
  • Salt ties up key plant nutrients.

What can you do to solve your salinity problems?

The first step is to post a sample of your water to our water testing lab in Newcastle, and we will make a product recommendation based on your results. We test for salinity as well as a range of other minerals.

After DELTA magnetic water conditioner treatment, the results speak for themselves. After treatment, our customers report:

  • No more leaf burn
  • A boost to plant and crop yields
  • Improvements to soil structure
  • Stops plants from going yellow and dying


FEATURE PRODUCT: We developed the DELTA SL Heavy Duty magnetic water conditioner to treat water that was previously untreatable due to its extremely high level of salinity. The DELTA SL Heavy Duty magnetic water conditioner can treat water with up to 8000uS/cm Electrical Conductivity (5000ppm salt).

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