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HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: DELTA Evaporative Air-conditioning Unit Model AC/20

Posted on October 18, 2013

Australia is breaking heat records in 2013: now is the time get serious about improving the efficiency of your evaporative air-conditioner.

Get rid of calcium build-up.

Install a DELTA scale-reduction system – the Evaporative Air-conditioning Unit Model AC/20.

The DELTAwater solutions Evaporative Air-conditioning Unit Model AC/20 gets rid of calcium buildup and reducesscale in evaporative air-conditioners.

This DELTA Evaporative Air-conditioning water treatment Unit Model AC/20 is custom-designed to treat the problems in evaporative air-conditioning units caused by high levels of hardness, salinity, minerals and iron in water.

After you install a DELTA Evaporative Air-conditioning Unit Model AC/20, your air-conditioning pads will be cleaner and the benefits include improved efficiency, less maintenance and reduced running costs. This DELTAscale-reduction system gets rid of calcium build-up.

The AC/20 model is designed for home situations. 

Bigger models of the DELTA Evaporative Air-conditioning Unit are available and create measurable efficiencies for evaporative water cooling towers in nursing homes, prisons, commercial premises and hospitals.  Download our FACT SHEET HERE.