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Treat calcium build-up and reduce scale

Posted on October 18, 2013

This summer is going to be hotter than hot.

The Australian Climate Council is naming this year as the hottest calendar year documented since record keeping began. 2013 is set to have the highest temperatures, passing by far 2005’s warm climate.

“This September was the hottest September on record following a year that has already broken records for the hottest day, the hottest January and the hottest summer in recorded history,” said Professor Steffen in a story by the Sydney Morning Herald. He also makes a case that while Australia suffers heat waves from time to time, the sheer number of records being broken by the present climate is alarming.

“Although Australia has always had heat waves, hot days and bushfires, climate change is increasing the risk of more frequent and longer heat waves and more extreme hot days, as well as exacerbating bushfire conditions.”

Before the next heatwave, install a DELTA Evaporative Air-conditioning Unit Model AC/20 and improve the efficiency of your evaporative air-conditioner.

The DELTAwater solutions evaporative air-conditioning unit gets rid of calcium buildup and reduces scale in evaporative air-conditioners.

When you install a DELTA evaporative air-conditioner water treatment product, which is custom-designed, it will fix the problems in evaporative air-conditioning units caused by high levels of hardness, salinity, minerals and iron in water.

What will happen after you install a DELTA Evaporative Air-conditioning Unit Model AC/20? Your air-conditioning pads will be cleaner and the benefits include improved efficiency, less maintenance and reduced running costs.
DELTAwater solutions also has a commercial-sized Evaporative Air-conditioning Unit which creates measurable efficiencies in evaporative water cooling towers in nursing homes, prisons, commercial premises and hospitals.


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