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Water treatment technology provides a vital boost to Aussie wine, fruit and vegie industry

Posted on September 25, 2013

If you’ve noticed a change for the better in the quality of your wine grapes, fruit and vegetables lately, chances are that our 100% Australian water treatment technology is involved.

Wine grape, fruit and vegetable growers across the country are experiencing faster growth, bigger and healthier crops and improved yields after treating their water with our DELTAwater solutions water treatment technology.

Grape growers in SA’s productive Riverland are turning to the technology to drastically cut maintenance and improve performance in their vital irrigation systems. Renmark-based irrigation agronomist Trevor Sluggett says growers are so pleased with the results after installing the DELTA technology, they’ve returned for more units.

Trevor, who works with Riverland-based firm River Rain Irrigation, says grape growers have recognised the potential the technology can deliver to drip irrigation systems. And he says interest in the DELTA water treatment technology is increasing as growers hunt for ways to boost irrigation system efficiency, lower water use and improve yields.

Trevor says some growers plagued with clogged dripper irrigation systems due to algae and other biological activity have reported substantial maintenance savings after installing the DELTA water treatment technology.

“All these systems in the lower part of the Murray River need a stringent maintenance program or the performance of these systems declines over time,” he says. “Growers pumping water from backwaters off the main river stream have been the keenest to install the water treatment technology as they find their water is harder to filter and drip systems block up very quickly. These growers have had amazing results, such that even growers pumping better quality water are showing interest.”

It’s a similar story in other Australian fruit and vegetable-growing areas. Geraldton’s Allen Espinos, who has water with extremely high mineral content, reckons the only difference between a dead melon and vegetable crop and his now-thriving one is the DELTAwater water treatment technology.

In Bundaberg, QLD, Andrew Dowling grows six varieties of lettuce hydroponically under shade cloth. The market gardener, who installed a grade-five DELTA water treatment unit to condition water earmarked for his lettuce in late May this year to address an ongoing problem with tip burn, declares he won’t grow another thing on his block unless it’s watered with DELTA-treated supply. He harvests about 4000 plants a week and he used to pack 20 whole lettuces to a box. Now, with DELTA on the job, he can only fit 15 in each box because of the growth increase.

Then there’s WA market gardener Ben Tran who says the DELTA technology has delivered better yields at the Bullsbrook property where he and his parents grow capsicums, strawberries, tomatoes, eggplants and watermelons. The family turned to the DELTA water treatment technology to counteract the toll their groundwater, with its high levels of sodium, chloride and acidity, was taking on plant growth and yield on their 65-hectare property.

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