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DELTAwater solves water quality problems for broadacre cropping

Posted on September 7, 2021

A lot of farmers are out on their tractors spraying at the moment, and DELTAwater is out there with them! Our customised water treatment systems are solving broadacre spray problems caused by high mineral content in bore water such as restricting chemicals from absorbing.

Western NSW broadacre cropping farmers Gary and Noeleen Herbig and their eldest son Jason, say the DELTAwater conditioner paid for itself quickly by what they saved on additives.

Gary, who grows wheat, barley, chick peas and sometimes faba beans, says their chemical rep could tell straight away their chemical was drying on the leaf; the high mineral content of the bore water was restricting it from absorbing into the plant.

He suggested an Australian product, a DELTAwater solutions conditioner, that he’d installed to treat salty bore water that was burning off his wife’s rose garden. He noticed the difference straight away with the roses, and his water was a lot harder than ours. I figured if a chemical rep was recommending DELTAwater and not more chemicals, it had to be something worth looking into.

DELTAwater solutions tested Gary’s bore water and recommended one of their customised units.

“Dealing with DELTAwater solutions was great, and they made sure they tested the water first before recommending which water conditioner we needed.”

Gary has the DELTAwater unit installed on their spray rig where it stays permanently attached so all the water they mix with chemicals is treated first.

These days a lot more people are aware of the impact of water quality on the effectiveness of different chemicals but we’ve had a jump start on that for a long time with our DELTA.

Gary says it was a no brainer to invest in the DELTAwater conditioner, which paid for itself in a short amount of time by what they saved on additives.

It was getting out of hand how much we were spending on sulphate ammonia to try and rectify the problems with our sprays, and the DELTA is a much safer way to treat the water because it’s chemical free and is all done naturally through magnetics.

Alex and Dianne Panov founded their water treatment manufacturing company DELTAwater solutions in Newcastle in 1993. The company manufactures 100% Australian water treatment systems for bore water, river water, town water and irrigation water to solve problems such as salinity, scale build-up caused by calcium and magnesium, water hardness, iron and corrosion.