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DELTAwater solutions bore water treatment at work

Posted on October 26, 2020
This BIG 550kg DELTAwater solutions water treatment conditioner was sent out to Griffith in NSW to irrigate rice and pastures. It arrived safely, and got to work straight away on treating the salty bore water on this irrigation property.
This is what we call a Grade 20 unit for 250mm pipe, it’s 2 metres long with a diameter of 800mm. We custom make our DELTAwater solutions water treatment conditioners after testing the water first in our water testing laboratory. This ensures we understand the water problems we’re treating and can provide the best possible solution.
Usually DELTAwater solutions spends a lot of time travelling around Australia visiting customers, but as we aren’t able to travel as much as we are used to this year, we really appreciate it when our agents and customers send in photo updates so we can see our water treatment systems at work in the paddock.