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Bore water treatment for pastures, rice and vegetables

Posted on October 16, 2020

It’s been a BIG week at DELTA and here are just some of our customised bore water treatment units that are about to hit the road.

The BIGGEST is on its way to Griffith to an irrigation farm that has a new bore. The DELTA will be treating the salty bore water to help the owners achieve the best possible yields on crops, with plans to grow rice in the future.

The SECOND BIGGEST is on its way to a dairy farm in Victoria, where they rely on maximum growth for their irrigated pastures to keep their milkers in peak condition.

The other conditioners are heading to Qld vegetable farms, and we will all be able to enjoy the benefits of fresh vegetables that have been given the DELTA touch.

We always test the bore water first to make sure that our custom-designed bore water treatment conditioners are up to the task.