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Higher fruit and vegetable yields with DELTA water

Posted on August 7, 2020

WA market gardener Ben Tran knows a higher, stronger capsicum plant returns a better yield and this is what the DELTAwater bore water treatment technology has delivered at the fruit and vegetable farm he runs with his parents.

Ben, dad Tran and mum Ma watched their capsicum crop climb for the sky after installing a DELTAwater solutions conditioner on their bore water irrigation supply. The yield climbed too.

The family turned to DELTA to counteract the toll their groundwater, with its high levels of sodium and chloride, was taking on plant growth and yield on their 65-hectare property. DELTAwater solutions, a family-owned water treatment manufacturing company based in Newcastle, has been helping people successfully tackle water quality issues in agricultural, domestic and industrial sectors for more than 25 years.

“We try to grow our capsicums high here because then we can pick more fruit off them,” Ben says. “If you have a stronger plant, you can get a higher plant.  DELTA added another 30 centimetres of growth to our plants and our capsicum yield was a lot more than without the water treatment.”

Ben and his parents grow mainly strawberries, tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants and watermelons in the renowned fruit, vegetable and wine-growing area of Bullsbrook north of Perth.

“DELTA did a water test, then we recommended a grade-five unit to try out on our strawberries first,” Ben says. “Within a couple of weeks it was possible to see signs of improvement in the plants as sodium levels dropped and they stopped showing salt burn.”

Ben, Tran and Ma are firm converts to DELTA’s water treatment system. They have several DELTA units treating bore water supply to strawberry, capsicum, eggplant and tomato crops.

“We have a better yield without the salt factor. This is good technology,” Ben says. “A lot of research has gone into it. And DELTA is very good to deal with too.”

The market gardener urges people facing water quality issues to consider DELTAwater solutions.

“As long as you can get better yield, have a healthier plant and longer production, then it’s satisfactory for me,” Ben says. “DELTA’s technology has certainly worked for us, that’s for sure.”