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DELTA helps keep carpets clean

Posted on July 30, 2020

PROBLEM: Mineral and scale build-up in carpet cleaning system including blocked jets. Regular acid wash needed to unblock jets and remove calcium deposits.

SOLUTION: The DELTAwater solutions water treatment system helps a range of industries including the specialty cleaning industry.

One of our customers is Cleaneasy in South Australia, who uses our customised water conditioners to prevent blockages of fine jets in their carpet cleaning system.

Tiny flakes of minerals, courtesy of the region’s limestone-filtered water, were taking a toll on Cleaneasy’s equipment and they were sick of pulling parts out to clear the jets and having to use an acid wash to remove calcium deposits.

They installed the DELTA on the intake hose so everything that goes through the machine goes through the DELTAwater conditioner first. They’ve had no problems with the jets blocking ever since.

The DELTAwater water treatment system for calcium scale worked so well that they purchased several units including one for their home to soften the mains water and better protect tubes on the solar hot water system.