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Water treatment system helps quench thirsty stock

Posted on January 8, 2018 bore water treatment, stock system, DELTA stock water

For more than 25 years, DELTA’s water treatment system has proven a winner for Australian farmers desperate to provide water for thirsty stock. Getting water to sheep, cattle and other stock during our hot Australian summers is crucial and we are making the job easier for many.

Circumstances demand that large stations in rural Australia have highly efficient pump and piping systems in place to make the most of scant water supplies. We manufacture our environmentally-friendly, high quality, practical water treatment solution to suit individual circumstances and withstand tough conditions.

Station owner Steven McCracken, who farms a 5000-hectare property on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, has experienced the benefits of DELTA bore water treatment technology first hand.

He has seen how the DELTA rapidly cleared a ‘frustrating’ build-up of minerals that had blocked his main stock-irrigation pipe.

Steven runs sheep and cattle north-east of Elliston. He taps into valuable and high-quality bores which he uses to pump bore water to his sheep and cattle. Minerals in bore water, regardless of drinkability, can leave residue in pipes, pumps and other water-based machines and ultimately cause blockages or corrosion.

Steven discovered a blocked pipe when his livestock, trying to cope with hot weather, were in search of a drink.

I was quite concerned and stressed at the time. I had sheep and cattle drinking on the line and I was not getting enough water through the system. I already had a DELTA bore water treatment unit on another line so I put it on the one that was blocked. It worked and unblocked the pipe within days. It was a great relief.

Steven’s success in treating his water with the DELTA bore water treatment system prompted him to buy more units.

Steven’s story was a familiar one, particularly at this time of year. We are proud to deliver excellent results for our customers’ water problems, whether it’s in the house, in the garden or out in the paddock.

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