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Fruit and vegetable grower says DELTA technology is ‘brilliant’

Posted on March 6, 2017

On our business travels we’ve met some real characters. One of these is Allen Espinos in Geraldton, WA. Allen, a fruit and vegetable grower for market stalls, was about to turn his back on growing crops because his harsh bore water was killing them. Then he met DELTA. This is his story:

The only difference between a dead melon and vegetable crop and my current thriving fruit and vegetables is DELTAwater solutions. It’s done a brilliant job, it’s blown me away.

Water test results

When DELTA’s local agent tested Allen’s bore supply, it was one of the worse samples we’d ever seen.

Test results showed Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 5000 parts per million (ppm). Vegetables can only tolerate up to TDS 500ppm. The chloride levels in the water were 2040ppm. Chloride levels of 100ppm and above cause leaf burn and stunted growth. At the time we’d just introduced a new product to our range, the DELTA Heavy Duty SL, and Allen installed it about a metre from his salty bore.

“There was too much salt and acid in the bore water, it was just shocking. The first crop I put in was 8000 watermelons and they turned up their toes and within four days the crop was gone. The tomatoes went down as well, turned up their toes too and it took about two weeks for them to die. That’s when we started to look at DELTA.”

Blocked drippers

The bore water also created headaches for Allen’s drippers, which were constantly blocked by mineral scale build-up.

“The holes used to keep silting up and I’d have to put acid through to wash out the lines. Now there’s virtually no maintenance at all.”

Watermelons and tomatoes

Bigger yields, healthier crops and cleaner irrigation systems.

“The water coming from the bore was quite murky, but after they put the unit on, what’s coming out of the bore now is crystal clear. I gave the ground a couple of good soakings for two days, then planted seeds and within three days the seeds popped up and they’ve never looked back. I’ve got growth in watermelons like never before. The growth is up to 600mm deep and just a mass of vines. It’s just that healthy and, quite simply, it’s the water conditioner that’s changed it.”

It’s not just the melons that have responded well to the treated supply. Allen and his wife Mai are having to cut the tops off tomatoes at 1.5 metres and turn them down in an effort to control their growth. Buoyed by the success of the unit, they’ve put more acres under crop.

This technology is just brilliant,” Allen says. “Anyone who has water issues, you need one of these DELTA units. I can guarantee they work and I can show anyone around the area what it’s done to my farm.

Allen also sent us photos of his sugar cane before and after his DELTA treatment, the results speak for themselves!

salty bore water, DELTA Heavy Duty SL, bore water treatment

Allen’s sugar cane before DELTA treatment.

salinity, bore water, salty bore, water treatment

Allen’s sugar cane after DELTA treatment.