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DELTA hits the fields days circuit – SE Field Days @ Lucindale

Posted on March 6, 2017

DELTAwater solutions is a regular fixture at several premier field days events across Australia and will hit the road shortly for the South East Field Days at Lucindale on March 17 and 18.

DELTA’s founding director Alex Panov will be at Site 267 to answer questions from growers keen to boost system efficiency, lower water use and improve their yields.

Irrigation systems need a stringent maintenance program or the performance of these systems will decline over time. Installation of the 100% Australian DELTA water treatment system is an excellent way to reduce clogging of dripper irrigation systems from algae and other biological activity.

Water test

Alex will also have his mobile basic water test kit, ready to test your irrigation water. People also have the option of purchasing a full laboratory water test, so DELTA can recommend the best water treatment product from their custom-designed range.

High interest from growers

Renmark-based irrigation agronomist Trevor Sluggett says growers are so pleased with the results after installing the DELTA technology, they’ve returned for more units. Trevor says an increasing number of growers are recognising the potential the technology can deliver.

“Interest in the DELTA product has been extremely high in this area for a number of years,” he says.

He says some growers plagued with clogged dripper irrigation systems due to algae and other biological activity have reported substantial maintenance savings after installing a DELTA unit.

“All these systems in the lower part of the Murray River need a stringent maintenance program or the performance of these systems declines over time,” he says. “Growers pumping water from backwaters off the main river stream have been the keenest to install the technology as they find their water is harder to filter and drip systems block up very quickly. These growers have had amazing results, such that even growers pumping better quality water are showing interest.”

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