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DELTA technology provides vital boost to wine, fruit and veg industries

Posted on September 5, 2016

If you’ve noticed a change for the better in the quality of Riverland wine grapes, fruit and vegetables lately, chances are that DELTAwater solutions involved.

Wine grape, fruit and vegetable growers in the Riverland and in other Australian food and wine regions are experiencing faster growth, bigger and healthier crops and improved yields after treating their water with our 100% Australian designed and manufactured DELTAwater solutions technology.

You’ll get an opportunity to talk water with Alex from DELTA at the Riverland Field Days on September 16 and 17.

DELTAwater solutions will be part of a New Irrigation Technologies display with AgriExchange and River Rain Irrigation at Site 631. DELTA is offering a free basic water test to field days visitors who bring along a water sample.

Grape, fruit and vegetable growers and large-scale irrigators in South Australia’s productive Riverland are turning to our DELTA technology to drastically cut maintenance and improve performance in their vital irrigation systems.

Renmark-based irrigation agronomist Trevor Sluggett says growers are so pleased with the results after installing their DELTAs to fix irrigation systems blocked with algae, that they’ve returned for more units.

Trevor says an increasing number of growers are recognising the potential the water treatment technology can deliver.

“Interest in the DELTA product is increasing as growers hunt for ways to boost irrigation system efficiency, lower water use and improve yields,” he says.

He says some growers plagued with blocked dripper irrigation systems due to algae and other biological activity have reported substantial maintenance savings after installing a DELTA unit.

“All these systems in the lower part of the Murray River need a stringent maintenance program or the performance of these systems declines over time. Growers pumping water from backwaters off the main river stream have been the keenest to install the technology as they find their water is harder to filter and drip systems block up very quickly. These growers have had amazing results, such that even growers pumping better quality water are showing interest.”

Blocked irrigation system treatment

Grape grower Dino Sigismondi, who with wife Veronica grows grapes on about 250 hectares of land split between Lyrup and New Residence districts on the Murray River, reckons it was a ‘very good day’ when he first installed the DELTA technology on his drip irrigation system.

Since then Dino, from SA’s productive Riverland, has added another five DELTA units to his vineyard operation after the technology proved resoundingly successful in banishing algae from blocked irrigation systems.

The units keep the dripper lines very clean. Since installing them I haven’t had to chlorinate the drippers and I used to do that twice a year. We’ve now got a clean irrigation system, a more efficient system, the pressure is higher and the vines are a lot healthier too. Since we installed the first DELTA we haven’t looked back.

blocked irrigation systems, algae,

Riverland grape grower Dino Sigismondi has installed a DELTA SU450 SL501 onto a 450mm pipeline on the Murray River 30km down river from Loxton, SA